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Q & A with John Myers from EMA: The MDM & Data Governance Landscape

Name: John L Myers

Title: Managing Research Director Business Intelligence and Analytics

Bio: John has nearly 20 years of experience in areas...

How to Address Technical & Intellectual Debt with MDM

The MDM & DG Summit New York 2017 hosted more than 500 Data Management leaders gathered in one place, this event provides a thorough showcase of...

Extending MDM Beyond Your Organization to Be An Industry-Standard Application

Ever wonder how that delicious fermented beverage gets from the distillery, vineyard or brewery to your table?

MDM, RDM, Data Quality and Governance - The Most Important Parts of Your CRM Solution?

At this year’s MDM & Data Governance Summit in New York City, PIMCO talked about their experience innovating their Customer Relationship...

MDM & Data Governance Summit Comes to New York

What you can expect from #MDMDG NYC

As a native New Yorker, I revel in some of the big events in the data space that are held in New York City....

Good Data Governance is Good Regulatory Compliance

[Web Briefing]

MDM 3-2-1

Master Data Management, The Next Generation

What do I mean by 3-2-1, and how should it affect your view of MDM vendors?

The 4 secrets successful CDOs will know about data

Chief data officer (CDO) is a c-suite position that is gaining popularity among organisations as they find the need to take control of the data...

GDPR / Duplicate accounts, a real use case

Guest blog post with Agile Solutions (see the original on their blog)

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, is less than a year away. Since...

Turning GDPR into a Marketing Opportunity

This post originally appeared as an article for Martechadvisor on July 20, 2017.