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Artificial or not, intelligence requires cleaned and mastered data

This article originally appeared in Information Age*

For all the effort and investment that companies are now throwing into AI development, it...

Q & A and Webinar with John Myers from EMA: The MDM & Data Governance Landscape

Name: John L Myers

Title: Managing Research Director Business Intelligence and Analytics

Bio: John has nearly 20 years of experience in areas...

Mastering the Internet of Things

This article originally appeared on insidebigdata.com*

By all projections, big data and the IoT (Internet of Things) are poised for huge growth in...

Back to Basics: Transactional, Master, Golden and Reference Data explained

Updated Oct. 30, 2017*

Data management is simple ... once you have the big picture!

This post provides an overview of the classification of data,...

New features in Semarchy xDM 4.2

What’s New in 4.2

Last week in New York City, we announced the latest release of our flagship product and leading platform for Intelligent MDM™...

How to Address Technical & Intellectual Debt with MDM

The MDM & DG Summit New York 2017 hosted more than 500 Data Management leaders gathered in one place, this event provides a thorough showcase of...

Extending MDM Beyond Your Organization to Be An Industry-Standard Application

Ever wonder how that delicious fermented beverage gets from the distillery, vineyard or brewery to your table?

MDM, RDM, Data Quality and Governance - The Most Important Parts of Your CRM Solution?

At this year’s MDM & Data Governance Summit in New York City, PIMCO talked about their experience innovating their Customer Relationship...

MDM & Data Governance Summit Comes to New York

What you can expect from #MDMDG NYC

As a native New Yorker, I revel in some of the big events in the data space that are held in New York City....

Good Data Governance is Good Regulatory Compliance

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