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How to Address Technical & Intellectual Debt with MDM

Paul Balas, Chief Information Architect at Digital Realty

The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2017 was the culmination of the Business Intelligence, Analytics, Master Data Management and Enterprise Information Management thought-leadership conferences put on by Gartner over the past several years. It was appropriate, then, that Paul Balas - VP & Chief Information Architect for Digital Realty was on hand to talk about how all of those technologies come together.

Intelligent MDM in action

Paul Balas, CIA at DLR, on stage at #GartnerDA

You can find on the first-ever Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in our blog; and thoughts on the follow-up UK event there as well.

In "How to Address Technical (and Intellectual) Debt with MDM," Mr. Balas discussed how he was able to evolve MDM into the business, and enable line executives within business units to become Data Champions (f.k.a. Data Stewards - would you rather be a 'Steward' or a 'Champion'?). Paul shared best practices, his thoughts on selecting an agile solution, and insight on making measurable improvements in tight time-frames.

The slides are available here for download.  They cover:

  • A (Quick) overview of Master Data
  • Why most projects fail
  • How is technology changing?
  • How we are succeeding at Digital Realty

Put simply: "If you don’t have trust in your data, then you can’t make informed decisions to drive company performance." Then where are you?

Look for Paul to present more on this story at the upcoming MDM & DG Conference in San Francisco - this July!

Digital Realty is part of the backbone of the internet, operating 150+ data centers worldwide. Paul Balas, Chief Information Architect walks through empowering business users to make decisions based on data in which they can feel confident. Leveraging an agile approach, they ended manual integration from 50+ internal systems, along with the technical and intellectual debt associated. Using Semarchy, they created a standardized way data analysts could collaborate—mastering customer, people, location and product data.

Customer Success Story

Read more on how DLR configured with data virtualization and data preparation technologies in concert with xDM provided immediate results with a customer master, and paved the way to scale into multiple domains.

Download Success Story

White paper - An Agile Approach to Creating Business Value with Master Data Management

By Dirk Garner

Accurate, timely, and whole information assets are critical to success in this fast-moving business climate. By the time complicated IT Projects deliver this information capability it is likely to be out of date. The combination of two complimentary agile technologies, data virtualization and agile Master Data Management, when paired together, can provide a new approach to getting all relevant information in the right place at the right time. This paper provides an overview of both of these empowering technologies and how they can work together to solve complicated enterprise data integration and quality issues.

Download The Whitepaper