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The Cloud: Post-Modernist Thinking

Recently, the business world has rushed to cloud platforms with incredible fervor. The excitement is not without reason. The business world is...

3 Reasons Why Data Governance is Important

This post was updated October 10, 2018*

Why is data governance important to your business? This might seem like it would be a rhetorical question....

Back to Basics: Transactional, Master, Golden and Reference Data explained

Updated Oct. 10, 2018*

Data management is simple ... once you have the big picture!

This post provides an overview of the classification of data,...

How to Build a Successful Data Lake: Look at your Information Strategy

Data Lakes are back in vogue, and are more viable then ever to unlock the true value of your data.

You need a healthy relationship with your CRM

Sure, your CRM can collect information - but how well does it share it?

Asymmetric relationships, where people do not feel like equals, are...

Data Live : Et si les données se mettaient enfin au service du business ?

Lors de événement Data Live 2018 organisé à Genève par Business & Decision, Pascal Blanchard, Directeur Commercial, et David Frappa, Manager...

Solita & Semarchy Partner at the Data 2020 Summit, Stockholm

Recently at the Data 2020 Summit in Stockholm, Anssi Tikka, International Sales Leader at Solita, and Richard Branch, VP and General Manager of ...

Post-GDPR: Keep your good data out of bad hands

Written by Cliff Gibson, Director, DBR Data and Michael Hiskey, Chief Marketing Officer, Semarchy.

When it comes to data, the interface matters as much as the information

Making Sense of Application Data Management

Business solutions start with clear definitions of data

With all the information out there—2.5 quintillion bytes a day, by one count—it’s no...