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Why the cloud doesn't work for all businesses [Q&A]

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As more and more applications move to the cloud there's an increasing assumption that it's the right...

You don't have to be Amazon to cross-sell like Amazon

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GDPR and Master Data Management - Q&A with CMO Michael Hiskey

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Using Data to Push the Boundaries | Thames Valley Housing

This article initially appeared in the January 2018 issue of Housing Technology*

GDPR Crosses the Pond

You’re a large organization headquartered in the U.S. Your clients and customers live mainly in the U.S. You have no intention to expand beyond...

Q & A: John Myers from EMA - MDM, Data Governance and the CDO

Name: John L Myers

Title: Managing Research Director Business Intelligence and Analytics

Bio: John has nearly 20 years of experience in areas...

Data Management Requirements for Information-Driven Cultures

Data is an ever-more valuable asset to an organization, with information being key to succcess. Every modern company strives to be...

4 Roadblocks Chief Data Officers Face Heading into 2018

CDOs will learn to acknowledge roadblocks that loom in the same place as victories

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Data Management in the Age of GDPR

What if the consequences were not just lost time, revenue, and morale?

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Back to Basics: Data Governance, Stewardship and Management Part 4 - Management & Collaboration

In our previous episodes, we have defined data governance and stewardship. It is time now to explain data management.