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Michael is a long-time data industry executive, who spends his days reinventing how technology can help improve business outcomes. An accomplished writer, speaker and blogger, he enjoys telling stories of ingenuity and innovation. He currently runs marketing for Semarchy, the Intelligent Master Data Management company. In this role, he has worked to accentuate the smart, agile and measurable capabilities unique to the xDM solution. Michael has held numerous leadership roles at large as well as growth organizations - IBM, MicroStrategy, Trifacta, Kognitio, Socure, Informix and Credit Suisse. He lives in New York and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.
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Written by Cliff Gibson, Director, DBR Data and Michael Hiskey, Chief Marketing Officer, Semarchy.

When it comes to data, the interface matters as much as the information

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Client Advisory Board - France June 2018

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Pragmatic GDPR: Single View of Person

Recently, we have been asked to talk about how some of our clients are implementing real solutions for GDPR on both sides of the Atlantic.  We...

3 Things Retailers Should Do to Get Ready for GDPR

If you’re a retailer, you know that, thanks to technology and customer expectations, you’re in a sink-or-swim industry. “Chore” vs. “cherish”...