Blast from the Past - When Long Lost Data Resurfaces

You don’t have to look far to find tweets and memes about the vast volumes of emails received from businesses during the pandemic. When brick and mortar locations lost foot traffic, it made sense to take to email to stay in touch with their customer base. As a marketer, I can’t deny email is a useful tool; Semarchy has been in communication with our clients and database with what we hope is relevant content and product information.

But what if you haven’t been maintaining that customer base prior to now? What if you haven’t been employing a useful digital strategy pre-pandemic? What if I haven’t purchased anything or interacted with your business in years?

Just this week I received an update from a theater in Atlanta, letting me know about their plans to re-open. That would have been useful and informative, except that I haven’t lived in Atlanta since 2010. So it has been at least 10 years since I’ve been in that theater (probably closer to 15), and just as long since I’ve heard from them.

How do I know that? Because I, like most people, try to control my email subscriptions by keeping only the relevant ones. I’m fairly certain that if I was receiving regular updates from a theater in a city I don’t live in, I’d have unsubscribed at least 10 years ago. Ok, maybe 9 if I wasn’t paying attention.

The theater is just one example of how many organizations haven’t bothered to keep up with their data quality and didn’t value the data at hand until they were left with no choice. In a panic, businesses have been using a “spray and pray” approach, by emailing every contact they’ve ever had instead of making any attempts at data governance. In the face of the pandemic, they likely didn’t have time to start a project that should have been in place years ago.

Luckily, it’s not too late to improve the quality and value of your data. 80% of Semarchy clients have a working solution in 10 weeks or less. Get in touch with us if you need to get your data in better shape, or click below to download a trial of xDM.

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