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Convergence for MDM 3.1 - New Features Overview

The version 3.1 of Convergence for MDM has been released earlier this month, and a couple of customers have already upgraded their systems to the new release. Why?
Well, first, because upgrading is easy. And then because we have introduced a nice set of features to compel them to do so. Here is the short version of that list.

Business-Friendly Application Customization

Convergence for MDM is enhanced with a series of features for application design, including design-time objects duplication, role-based business object view access, compact and read-only modes for form fields, configurable display and sort modes for lists of values as well as number formatting patterns. Designers can create and customize applications to quicky and precisely meet the business requirements.

Faster and Simpler Business Workflows

Data management applications include a redesigned experience for workflows. Activity lists show all information at a glance and support productivity features such as click-vertizing, multi-selection, pagination and user customization. Activities support user comments all along their lifecycle.


Data stewardship and data entry in applications have been enhanced to support selecting, manipulating and updating unlimited volumes of data.

Change Notification and Real-Time Integration

Changes notification is unified in an extensible framework to support fully customizable notifications to any channel. Use emails, messages, files or Web Services calls to notify master data changes to your infrastructure. Use the generated generic or model-specific web services for both real-time and batch integration patterns.

Click the thumbnails below to watch Convergence for MDM 3.1 in action!

Plug-in Parallel Processing and Error Management

The plug-in framework is enhanced to support parallel processing, as well as error recovery behavior. Leverage built-in or external services to enrich, standardize and validate any data in a framework that supports high availability and high performance.

Pulse Metrics Integration

The Convergence for MDM platform now embeds the Pulse Metrics component. Convergence Pulse setup, configuration, and administration is dramatically simplified within the Workbench.

Learn More

Convergence for MDM 3.1 is available for download for all Semarchy customers current on maintenance. It is also available for a 30-days Free Evaluation, on premises or in the Cloud. To learn more about this release and its features, refer to the Release Notes and Upgrade Guides available online in the Convergence for MDM Documentation.