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Presenting MDM Fundamentals at Stanford University

I had the honor to present MDM Fundamentals at Stanford University's Continuing Studies. I gave this presentation in the Lead with BI class at the Stanford Campus in Palo Alto, California.

Salah Kamel at Stanford

Fifty students with different professional background attend this course, which covers all the aspects of business intelligence. Industry experts in the business intelligence and data management domain are invited to present in their field of expertise.

During this session, I have been surprised to see how MDM spoke to this business audience.
The new business leaders now truly care about data in general and master data in particular. They also clearly understand the risks of excessive duration, cost and complexity in the data initiatives.

Semarchy's Evolutionary MDM™ approach really resonated for these business-oriented students as they naturally expect fast, agile and iterative project cycles.

I received a 4.6/5 rating (Hurrah!) for my first lecture at Stanford, and excellent feedback from the audience:

"MDM is a great subject and I found it immediately applicable to my business, Thanks".  -- Ann

If you are new to MDM and want to learn about it, I encourage you to watch the Semarchy videos: "Why do I need MDM?" and "What is Evolutionary MDM™?".