MDM is foundational for Big Data

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is once again providing its customers with a way to drive more value from their data. Beginning today, AWS Marketplace, the online store offering cloud-based software and services, is launching its "Six Steps to Big Data Success" campaign. This initiative aims to expose the AWS business intelligence (BI) and big data ecosystem to a wider audience with a one-click experience to build an end-to-end data pipeline.

The campaign shows you how your data pipeline can integrate multiple customer databases together to get a single 360˚ view of customers to empower sales and marketing as well as drive behavioral measurement, segmentation, and targeted communications with advanced analytics.

It's no coincidence that AWS has identified clean and trustworthy data as the foundation to actionable business insights. That's why Semarchy's Convergence for MDM is one of the first solutions chosen to be part of this campaign as well as one of the first steps in this data pipeline. Our solution integrates tightly with other Marketplace listings in the AWS BI ecosystem because of our value-driven, agile approach to helping customers manage master and reference data.

To learn more about how Semarchy fits into the AWS BI and big data ecosystem, check out our video interview with Lynn Langit, an AWS community hero and host of the AWS BI and big data campaign. You will hear what makes Semarchy the highest-rated MDM and RDM solution on AWS Marketplace and why our customer DiamondStream chose Convergence for MDM in the cloud as the master data management solution to prepare its data for analytics.