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What's New in Semarchy Convergence 2.0?

Semarchy Convergence™ Platform 2.0 brings a rich set of features making data governance and master data management easier.


Row-level and Attribute-level Policies for Secured Access

With Semarchy Convergence™ Platform 2.0, you can enforce security at the attribute-level and also contextually at the row (record) level. This new feature allows defining fine-grained policies to maintain any compliance rule for data access and manipulation in the MDM hub.

Using Fine-Grained Security

Row-level policies have many applications, including the following:

  • In a Customer domain, a user can view all customers worldwide, but can only edit customers in his own sales region.
  • In an HR domain, a user can see the salaries of only those of the employees reporting to him.

Rich Data Access Experience

Customize user forms and tables by combining rich content and database records within the same user interface.

Automated Documentation

Semarchy Convergence™ Platform 2.0 introduces a new feature to generate a documentation set for a model in HTML format.

This documentation set includes the Logical Model documentation for MDM developers and the data governance authorities, Applications documentation for data stewards and business users and the Physical Model documentation for Data Integration developers.

Enterprise and Cloud Scale Deployment

Semarchy Convergence™ Platform 2.0 is ready for enterprise as well as cloud-scale deployment architectures. This new release introduces features enabling extreme scalability with load balancing, high-availability and failover recovery.

Extreme Scalability

Semarchy Convergence™ Platform 2.0 introduces an active/passive architectural design for deploying application clusters enabling the support for thousands of concurrent users accessing the MDM hubs with unbeatable response time.

Extreme Robustness

This new release deploys a unique failover and recovery architecture enabling secured transaction management for data certification jobs.

Full Client API

The new client API enables Java developers to seamlessly integrate their applications with the full set of features of the MDM hub. With this new API, any application accessing the MDM can explore the structure (metadata) of the MDM hub, access and manage the data stored in the hub and orchestrate the human workflows as designed in the MDM.