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MDM 3-2-1

Master Data Management, The Next Generation

What do I mean by 3-2-1, and how should it affect your view of MDM vendors?

The 4 secrets successful CDOs will know about data

Chief data officer (CDO) is a c-suite position that is gaining popularity among organisations as they find the need to take control of the data...

GDPR / Duplicate accounts, a real use case

Guest blog post with Agile Solutions (see the original on their blog)

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, is less than a year away. Since...

Turning GDPR into a Marketing Opportunity

This post originally appeared as an article for Martechadvisor on July 20, 2017.

Chipotle Serves up a Fresh Master Data Experience with xDM (MDM DG SF)

Best Practices - As Real as It Gets: Giving Business Units More Control with MDM

Does MDM Need Graph?

The rise of multi-channel interactions in the current digital world is transforming the way enterprises engage in their Master Data Management...

IRM MDM DG Europe - Field Report

By Michael Hiskey, Chief Marketing Officer at Semarchy

Field Report

The IRM MDM DG Europe Conference, often referred to as the MDM & DG Summit,...

Turning GDPR into an Opportunity

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to begin enforcement in 18 months. This legislation strengthens data...

342 Things in the next 12 months: Gartner Data & Analytics UK

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit Sessions: By and Beyond the Numbers

For the geeknorati, 42 carries almost mystical significance. The world has...

The Solution to Big Data Headaches: MDM + Data Virtualization

The Solution to Big Data Headaches

Big data offers staggering possibilities, but these same possibilities can add up to gigantic headaches for...