Semarchy xDM v5: Make xDM Applications Yours

Data management applications built with xDM may be used by anyone in the organization, from business users to data champions, stewards and architects.

These users have different levels of data literacy and applications are designed to fit their needs and skill level. xDM embraces the Material Design approach for these applications, delivering a radically simple and intuitive experience that fits all users.The data architect also has an ability to finely customize this experience.

Your Application, Your Colors

When delivering a new application to demanding users, every little detail matters. Making them feel that their application is not just a fit for their requirements, but truly theirs is paramount.

Starting with version 5, application designers can define the color theme for each application. The default color code - blue for browsing, red for errors and green for authoring - can be easily replaced by any code and corporate visual identity. This simple change of colors allows for a more agreeable experience for the users, with an application that looks like the other applications they are used to working with.



Your Application, Your Language

Another way to bring an application closer to the users is to have the application speak the language of the users, and not the other way around. There is no worse experience than forcing a user to learn the language of an application provider.

xDM applications provide labels representing business objects and data management operations which can be customized and translated. They also provide built-in labels that we have crafted to make sense for most users. However, your users are special. This is why in version 5, designers can also override and add new translations for these built-in strings. For example, you can replace the 'Inbox' string by 'My Tasks', or "Workflow' by 'Process' if it makes more sense to the end user. This same feature allows you to translate the entire Semarchy interface in any language of your choice, and have the application truly speak the language of your users.


Your Application, Your Filters

Filtering is a powerful capability in xDM applications, allowing users to look for data using a variety of methods, including full-text search or custom search forms.

Sometimes common filtering use cases appear and need to be part of the application itself. Starting with xDM v5, designers can ship applications with built-in filters which are bootstrapped with business views. With these built-in filters, new and existing users have access to pre-configured filters they can apply with a simple click. These filters may be automatically activated when opening a business view to provide users with specialized views.


With these new features, Semarchy xDM v5 puts in the hand of all users applications that not only meet their requirements, but applications that look, speak and behave according to the users' needs and habits. Feel free to try out these new capabilities!

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