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The Solution to Big Data Headaches: MDM + Data Virtualization

fast data imageThe Solution to Big Data Headaches

Big data offers staggering possibilities, but these same possibilities can add up to gigantic headaches for business analysts, sometimes leading to paralysis-by-insight, which is hardly the goal of such implementations.

The problem is that today’s conception of what it means to know your customer is greatly expanded, and most infrastructures are not built to deliver on that conception.

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In the "old" days, knowing your customer meant having a single view of your customer, and the knowledge that "Joe Star" and "Joe S" are the same person. It also included the knowledge that "Joe Star" and "Jane Star" are of the same family, as well as a list of products that each customer has purchased. Traditional MDM tools are perfectly capable of delivering this view.

But big data has changed the game. Now, companies are aware of a much larger trace of the customer’s activity, across such diverse systems as transactional databases and social media platforms, but these kinds of sources pose particular difficulties for traditional BI infrastructures, which often rely on traditionally configured data warehouses.

To integrate transactional data from across the company, companies often establish multiple point-to-point integrations from the different transactional sources, which is labor-intensive and expensive. And social media feeds are unstructured, making them unfit for traditionally prepared data warehouses, as well as dynamic, making them too fast-moving to be captured by traditional batch-oriented ETL processes.

Gaining the Full View

The solution is a new kind of infrastructure that blends two key ingredients: intelligent MDM and data virtualization.

Intelligent MDM flexibly supports any MDM domain, style, or use case, and data virtualization integrates data views from multiple sources, including transactional systems and social media feeds, without replicating it, in real time. By bringing these real-time feeds into the MDM system, they are immediately associated with the right person, so stakeholders gain a full, dynamic view of the customer.

Intelligent MDM in Action

This is exactly why we partner with companies like Denodo. Combined with Semarchy xDM, the Denodo Platform enables companies to gain this expanded view. To learn about Intelligent MDM, and its role in big data, please attend my presentation at the Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit 2017 on March 29th in the Americas and March 30th in EMEA and APAC, which Semarchy is proud to sponsor. In addition to my presentation, this promises to be an informative event, packed with analyst insights and the real-world experiences of forward-thinking companies.

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