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The Data Artist’s Paint Tube

In 1841, the paint tube was invented by portrait painter John Goffe Rand and became a major innovation in painting technology.

Before that invention, preparing pigments was a highly technical skill, which limited the number of artists and forced most artistic work to take place indoors, in studios. Thanks to inexpensive paint tubes, artists had a large variety of colors on hand, and paint was easily preserved and carried everywhere.

Today, kids in school and the greatest living artists alike use paint tubes.

What did this innovation bring? Well, simplicity and mobility.

Complex and expensive pigments, previously only available to chemists, were democratized and accessible to artists. This freedom allowed artists the luxury of focusing solely on painting their subjects. I do not think Cézanne or Van Gogh would have been able to paint their masterpieces without their small paint tubes. “Without tubes of paint,” Pierre-Auguste Renoir said, “there would have been no Impressionism”.

He was right.

MDM should be as easy as paint tubes

Today, these concepts apply to data-driven solutions design. No longer do you need to be an IT specialist to design data models, rules, policies, user interfaces and workflows. Modern data management platforms help you focus solely on these subjects, freeing you from the tedious technical bits and bytes. They allow you to bring data-driven solutions to the business and design these solutions with the business.

Modern data management platforms are the paint tubes of the data artist.

This idea of making data management an uncomplicated topic, as simple as opening a paint tube is a good metaphor of the Evolutionary MDM approach supported by the Semarchy Convergence Platform. If you feel like a data artist, just have a try and Download Convergence!